From a locksmith shop to a wire mesh specialist.

Draht Binder has been the name in quality for over 75 years.

With seven decades of experience, Draht Binder is a firmly established institution in the wire mesh market. It all began in 1945 with a small, family-run locksmith shop. Even then, innovative mechanical engineering was hard at work, with all wire weaving machines designed and produced in-house. Now, the third generation is carrying on this innovative spirit and dedication to absolute quality. The fully automatic production lines that power the halls of Draht Binder were also designed by the Binder family.

Experts are at work.

Thanks to its early specialization in wire mesh products, Draht Binder can now claim to be an experienced specialist with comprehensive expert knowledge. The product portfolio remains consistent, and all products are continuously optimized.

The product focus of Draht Binder is on crimped wire mesh, punched wire mesh, spot-welded wire mesh, and individual edging profiles. We are experts regarding these products and the machines that produce them. We are familiar with galvanizing processes and can adapt our products to meet customized needs. Our production and logistics is fast and reliable, with service customers can count on. All this has made Draht Binder a success story for over 75 years.

Draht Binder

– solid advice and a solution-oriented approach

At Draht Binder, creating close customer relationships has always been a priority. We advise our customers on all projects, and thanks to our product focus, we know which mesh sizes or material thicknesses are right for our customer’s projects. Large-scale projects such as zoos, airports, parking garages, and wholesale plant markets have already benefited from our experience and advice. Whether inside or outdoors, we are always happy to advise you on your woven wire mesh, punched wire mesh, spot-welded wire mesh, or edging profiles. Contact our experienced team for consultation you can count on.

Our experts are there for you.

Hans Weecks

Sales of Double Crimp Screens and Flat Top Screens

Walter Günther

Sales of Spot Welded Meshes and Edging Profiles

Dominik Plante

Managing Director

Frank Schippers

Production Management

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