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Robust profile edgings

Ideal frames for flat top screens, double crimp screens, and spot welded wire mesh.

If you have ever worked with wire mesh, you know how time-consuming and inconvenient welding individual wire ends can be, regardless of quantity. That is why we provide optimal profile edgings for all your wire mesh end products. Getting started is easy: simply insert the wire mesh into the slot of the profile edging and weld the profiles together at the edges. Depending on the mesh length, we recommend welding on some additional wire ends for increased stability.

Easy to work with, plus more design versatility.

We offer wire truss profile edgings in the following models:

When looks count:

For heightened aesthetic results, you can miter-cut the ends of the profile edging. This gives your wire mesh an attractive frame without requiring additional angle and flat iron elements. This version is especially popular for fence elements with wire mesh infills.

slot widths:

4mm asymmetrical; 5.7mm and 7.5mm symmetrical

wall thicknesses:

1.5mm or 2mm

wire thicknesses:




stainless steel


standard lengths:

3m or 6m

outer dimensions:

30x30mm or 40x40mm

Maximum storage capacity, minimum delivery times.

Our profile edgings are part of our always-in-stock items and are available for standard dimension orders. Look forward to fast delivery times when ordering standardized quantities. Large quantities or special-size orders can take a little longer. Regardless of the order, you can always count on our reliable and transparent delivery conditions.

Choose your optimal profile edging for flat top screens, double crimp screens, and spot welded wire mesh.

Our tip: we offer profile edgings with various slot positions to fulfill all your wire mesh needs.

Variant 1: The asymmetrical slot is suitable for spot welded wire mesh and single-sided flat top screens.

Single-sided flat top screens have a flat bottom and a cribbed top, thus creating an optical asymmetry when inserted into edging profiles with central slots. One side of the mesh is positioned outside the central axis. The same applies to the welded longitudinal wires of the spot welded mesh. Our profile edgings with an off-center slot are ideal for creating optical axial symmetry. Just insert the wire mesh into the slot so that the side of the mesh that is out of alignment faces the wider side of the profile edging. The result is an optical alignment that starts in the middle of the profile. This small but subtle difference gives the edged wire mesh its attractive symmetrical appearance.

Variant 2: The symmetrical slot - suitable for double crimp screens.

Double crimp screens are axially symmetrical because the top and bottom are crimped. This symmetrical mesh is ideally framed by profile edgings with a central slot and creates a harmonious and elegant look with maximum support.

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Here, you can find the exact stock dimensions for our wire mesh products, from mesh spacing and wire thickness to size, weight, and finishing. Just download, configure your product, and make a direct online inquiry. 

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