Custom-made high-quality welded mesh.

High-quality spot-welded wire mesh for all your manufacturing plans.

Stability and corrosion protection

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Spot-welded mesh is made from smooth wires, which are welded at the point where the mesh intersects. The wires are available in varying thicknesses, as well as in steel, stainless steel, or galvanized. As an experienced specialist in spot-welded mesh, we are always happy to advise you on your choice of material. All our spot-welded meshes meet our consistently high-quality standards. Various applications can place different demands on the finished product, such as indoor- or outdoor use, rectangular or square meshes, and what conditions the mesh has to withstand when integrated into the end product.

Spot-welded meshes offer considerable stability due to their welded intersection points. In providing the best corrosion protection for your spot-welded mesh, we offer the hot-dip galvanization of complete pieces. This method has the advantage that it offers a high degree of corrosion guard for any outdoor application. We also provide galvanized spot-welded mesh for a variety of uses. Galvanized spot-welded mesh offers lower levels of corrosion protection but more than makes up for this with its pleasing appearance. Our team is already ready to help you find your optimal solution.

Spot Welded Wire Meshes

We offer our high-quality spot-welded wire mesh in the following versions:

By providing your parameters, you can easily configure your spot-welded mesh to meet all your requirements. Spot-welded mesh is a vital part of many industries, and the demands placed on it are as diverse as its configurations. As a wire mesh specialist with decades of experience, you can always count on competent and individual advice. Before getting started, it is always good to contact us in the early stages of your wire mesh plans.



pre-galvanized, hot-dip galvanized, electro-galvanized

stainless steel


open or closed-edge meshes

square or rectangular meshes

mesh width: up to 2000mm

mesh length: up to 3000mm

up to 5000mm on request if required

Precise and durable: spot-welded wire mesh from Draht Binder

Thanks to their welded joints, our spot-welded mesh has enormous dimensional stability and load-bearing capacity. An additional benefit is that our spot-welded mesh can be hot-dip galvanized in one piece for excellent corrosion protection. This makes our spot-welded wire mesh ideal for outdoor use.

As a result of its stability and rugged durability, our high-quality spot-welded wire mesh is a popular choice for fence elements and barrier systems.

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Here, you will find the exact stock dimensions for our wire mesh products: mesh spacing, wire thickness, size, weight, and finishing. Just download, configure your product, and order directly online. 

You've decided on spot-welded wire mesh, but are unsure about the material and dimensions?

Personal advice is our strength. Our team of experts is always happy to advise you on how to configure your spot-welded mesh to suit your intended use. Don’t hesitate to get in touch.