Smooth on one side and stable in every way: flat top screens from Draht Binder.

Wire mesh in its most beautiful form

Sturdy, high-quality flat top screens

Draht Binder produces customized flat top screens with expert advice

Depending on your project requirements, flat top screens are a good alternative to other variants. Thanks to the one-sided crimping of the wires, the chain, and weft wires are at the same level as the corresponding crossing points. The result is an extremely robust mesh with a smooth and even underside. 

As a specialist in wire mesh products, we can customize our flat top screens to meet your specifications. No matter what you are looking for (mesh widths, materials, galvanized, cut-to-size orders, sheets, or rolls) we guarantee the right product with expert advice and Europe-wide delivery. Contact us to receive your individualized flat top screens in exactly the amount you need.

Configure your individualized flat top screen.

We generally offer our high-quality flat top screens in the following versions:

Every end product comes with individual wire mesh requirements, from wire thickness and mesh size to material and galvanization. These factors are often due to the product’s intended use but can also be purely aesthetical. As a wire mesh manufacturer with over 75 years of experience, we operate several fully automated production lines to offer you a wide variety of wire mesh models and solutions.



stainless steel

(1.4301, 1.4404, 1.4571, 1.4841)


(ALMGSI 0,5)



subsequently plastic-coated

Wire thickness

1,2 - 5,8mm

Square or rectangular meshes

5 - 100mm


in length and width: -0 mm / +1 mesh width (standard)

mesh width:

up to 2,200 mm

mesh length:

up to 6,000 mm or on rolls up to 50 m

fixed dimensions with tolerances

of + / - 2 mm in length and width on request

Count on professional advice and customized flat top screens.

Take advantage of our 75+ years of experience in the market and benefit from our professional consulting services. As an experienced specialist and manufacturer of wire mesh products, we offer an extensive product portfolio, including perforated wire mesh, crimped wire mesh, spot-welded wire mesh, and edging profiles. Over the years, countless customers have benefitted from our advice, experience, and products. Get in touch with us if you are looking for expert advice on how to configure your perforated wire mesh. We are always happy to help and bring your project to a successful conclusion.

Stainless steel wire mesh for facades

and the practical benefits.

Wire mesh is in demand more than ever. This can especially be seen in the architectural sector, where high-quality wire mesh is valued not only for its renowned stability but also for its visual appeal. Whether used for facade elements or ceiling cladding – wireframes are an increasingly sought-after solution.

The practical benefits of smooth-on-one side wire mesh.

Single-sided smooth wire mesh is found in many industrial applications. Our models bring out the best in every project.

  • shelves
  • shelves for cages 
  • support grids for filter mesh
  • stackable container walls
  • protective and cladding grids
  • greenhouse construction

Find what you are looking for fast.

Here, you can find the exact data sheets for all our wire mesh products, including mesh width, wire thickness, size, weight, and finishing. Just download, configure your product, and place your order directly online. It’s that easy!

High-quality flat top screens with logistics to count on.

Thanks to our large storage capacities, we can easily and quickly process large orders in the standard dimensions. Moreover, we have extensive stockpiles, which help keep our production lines free for more individual configurations and special customer wishes.

If you have any questions, please use our interactive inquiry form, or contact Mr. Hans Weecks – our expert for perforated wire mesh production. We look forward to hearing from you.